9 Months of Nealy Bug

The little monk has turned 9 months! I just can’t believe it! There are so many things that she has accomplished this past month that I don’t think I’ll even remember them all! I’ve been trying to be better about writing it all down, but life Happens and the magical time fairies steal all my time away! 

Anyways, our little bug has been sick this past weekend for Gigi’s visit. She still managed to have a fun time and stay in good spirits. I took her to the pediatrician this past Monday for her 9 month check up and to check out this nasty cold like thing she had! Thank god she wasn’t due for shots, but the poor girl had a double ear infection and bronchitis:( this made my heart so sad and I wish I would have taken her sooner, but I assumed it was just a cold that all her little play friends had! 

Here’s some cute pics from her Drs visit:

She’s doing much better now that she’s on antibiotics and taking raw probiotics along with them. If anyone wants a great kids probiotic this one is awesome!

Well, overall she has been on a great growth path and remains in the 55th percentile for weight and 80th for height. 

She clocked in at 27.5 inches and 18.2lbs! This made me feel good about her transition to a lot of solids lately. I also have been supplementing formula mixed with half breast milk while I work because I just can’t pump enough milk to keep up! We nurse a lot in the mornings and the late afternoon when I get home and then throughout the night, but it’s really tough during the day to pump a good amount for the next day. I felt horribly guilty at first but honestly my stress levels went way down and she’s eating so much more solids that I just have to be okay with it. I want to be able to make it with nursing her for a little over a year at least and this was the best way for me to survive! 

Here is what this little monkey has been up to:

-standing without any support

-I swear she says dog when I tell her to say it and point at a dog

-she repeats sounds I make

-she has a fake laugh that just cracks us up 

-taking up to 6 steps on her own

-waving bye

-high fives

-sort of clapping

-we are learning to blow kisses and play peek a boo

-we are learning where eyes, nose and mouth are

-she grabs glasses and try’s to put them on her face

-when She is holding her hairbrush she try’s to comb her hair

-she likes to take hats and put them on her head

-She has become this tiny little human with a huge personality and I just love it! 

There are so many things that she is doing that I’m sure I’m missing, but here are some pics of our lives over the past month or so! We’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather lately and have been taking walk jogs on a trail with a little creek and mountain  views in our neighborhood! She just loves it and we ended up at a park today and played and went in the swing for a bit!

Here are her 9 month half assed photo shoot pics and this first one is of her getting into our records, gotta start them young! 

the little flower child 

And some action shots from her friends Parker and Andrew’s Bday party on Sunday:

It’s been a pretty awesome 9 months! Life has been good! 


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