Snowpocalypse 2015

We had a fun snowy weekend! We got about a foot of snow or even more here in the foothills! It was a dreamy white blizzard and a perfect time to lay low and hang at our house! We had a pretty fun weekend. We caught up on house stuff and did the dreaded laundry and I even organized Nealias clothesinto give away piles and some to be sold at consignment shops. There was a small bin I kept of super cute clothes that I want to keep just in case I have another girl. We stocked up on food and cooked an awesome chili one night and had a fire going! 

I also hung up Nealia’s growth chart from her great Nini Kim!

We also did our first real art project! I found it on another blog post and thought  it would be pretty fun to do! I used Gouache paint which are more opaque watercolors, some plain white watercolor paper and some large plastic  baggies. All you do is squeeze some colors on the paper and add  a little water and stick it into the bag and seal it! Then Nealia just experimented with it and I helped her touch it and showed her all the colors to Squish around! They turned out pretty awesome and I even framed them! I’ll probably give them to the grandmas and keep one for ourselves! Here’s some pics from the little project! She’s already a little artist like her mama.

And here’s some other fun pics from our fun snowy weekend! 


One thought on “Snowpocalypse 2015

  1. Looks like she loved the art project! So cute:) her growth chart looks cute in the room. She is growing so fast!! Miss you guys. 😍❤️💋


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