Teething or who knows?

Ugh, the last 2 nights Nealia has been waking up 3 or 4 times per night and will only sleep if held and rocked. Now as much as I love rocking my sweet little girl to sleep and then putting her in her crib each night, being woken numerous times sucks! We are exhausted! Brandon was on duty last night, so I got some solid sleep, but man we have been spoiled with good sleep for the past 4 months! I’m guessing the culprit is teething because she has had an on and off mild fever, but no cold symptoms and she’s been fussy and cranky and just acting all out of whack! She is going through a leap which effects all of this, but it’s got to be teething! She also has been doing a weird thing with her lips and mouth and I sort of remember that same look when she got her first little teeth in!

We will see how it goes tonight! We are home bound all weekend because we have a huge snow storm coming in! Yay! We stocked up on groceries, got firewood for the fireplace and some booze! We are set for a fun weekend! I also have a fun little art project planned for Nealia and It will be a good time to get some bins and cupboards and closets organized!

I’ll post about our snowy weekend next week and make sure to show the art project! I’m excited to try it out with her!

And speaking of art, I am officially back in the studio! I was commissioned to do 2 paintings for a family which is super exciting!! Can’t wait to get back at it again!

Cheers to a fun filled snowy weekend!


And had to share this gem! I came home from work yesterday to this…sweetest thing ever! I’m truly blessed!


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