Nealy Bug turned 8 Months today!

Our little Nealy turned 8 months today!

She has been growing so fast, I feel like time is flying by! We had a fun little day and the sun was shining. The weather here in Denver has been pretty awesome although, our mountains need some snow!!

I want to make sure I’m tracking all of her updates and what she’s doing at what age because this is pretty much her Baby book.

So here are her 8 month updates:

Baby led weaning has been going great! She seems to like pretty much anything! Especially proteins-fish, chicken and beef!
Tonight we gave her pasta, zucchini and meatballs and she loved it!! However, she kept stuffing her mouth with the little pieces of meatballs and I had to slow her down. And at brunch today she was eating her sausage and chewing on a stalk of celery that wasn’t firm enough and she started choking. I was pretty clam and did the old finger swipe trick and out it all came along with a bit of barf! It was pretty gross, but I’m glad she didn’t choke too bad. Phew…it’s scary stuff, but she has to learn to eat non-purees at some point.

Here’s some other things we’ve been working on:

Waving bye-she usually does it after the person has left haha. And we always have a water ritual after her bath as we say bye to the water as it goes down the drain and thank it for cleaning her, she loves it!

Dancing and music-Nealy loves to move and bounce up and down! As soon as music comes on or I say dance she grooves! It’s pretty cute! She also just loves drumming on things and making noise whenever possible! Cute, but annoying sometimes.

Nealia also gets sassy and has a little attitude! She gets mad when she doesn’t get my phone or the remote or anything besides her toys that she always wants.

She’s been saying all different sounds and syllables. Her fav is still dada, but she’s added in some g’s and m’s and la’s. She is quite the little talker and is just a happy smiley little thing! I love when people come up to her and she just smiles and lights up. I think about 3 people came up to us today to comment on how beautiful she was. And of course I’m bias because she is just the cutest thing ever, but it’s funny how often we get comments like that. This guy in the target parking lot one day when my mom was here stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to tell us how beautiful she was. And then kept looking back at her. It was sort of weird, but nice at the same time.

Nealia’s biggest achievement is that she can stand for a minute without holding onto anything. She will just let go and hang out and kind of bounce and then fall in her butt! I can’t imagine her taking whe first step yet…she’s so little still! She’s been cruising around furniture-trying tonget into drawers and cupboards. And she’s walking really good with her alligator wood walker. She’s really just so mobile which means she’s in to everything! It’s hard to get things done around the house these days because you have to keep an eye on every move!!

The past 8 months have been awesome and I love being a mama!

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Love our Sunday morning bed ritual!


Fun at brunch and REI!











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