Such a Perfect Day

Today (as in Sunday) was really a great family day that was long overdue for us! We were gone away from Brandon for almost a week, so it was nice for all of us to hang out together! It was also a nice time to celebrate Brandon’s new job! We are so proud of him, he’s been working so hard and finally something great came along! He liked his old job, but he was bored and honestly underpaid! He got the well deserved raise and job where he can be in the field part of the time!

We woke up and went to brunch at a new spot, we decided we like our regular brunch place the best, but they don’t serve bloody Mary’s and we were in the mood for one. We always go to the same place-we’re regulars at the country kitchen in Morrison and our waitress just loves Nealia, so change is sometimes hard;)

Anyways, we spent the early afternoon walking around the town of Morrison and popped into some of the little shops and country stores. We also checked out all the menus outside of restaurants that we’ve been wanting to try, we made a list of our favorites! Then we strolled down my Morrison creek and just took in the beauty. We love our cute little mountainy town. It’s right by Redrocks Amphitheater which is just a beautiful area. We drove by Red Rocks elementary and we decided that Nealia has to go to school there because it’s just so pretty and cool (even though we live a block away from a elementary school).

That evening Brandon went to the store and cooked us a fantastic dinner of bacon wrapped spinach stuffed chicken! He made this pesto and breadcrumb crust and baked it. It was really great, I wish I would have snapped a pic!

It was just a nice relaxing day and night all together as a family and it felt good to all be back together again in our cozy little home.




And I picked up a cool New wooden toy for Nealia this weekend as well at a consignment shop! It’s the cutest little wood bus toy! (I love wood toys). We named the cute little bus driver Jim Bob!


Nealia also somehow figured out how to get her shirt off! What a goofball!





And some cute pics of Nealia in her little sweater leggings as she reads her books and gets into all her headbands! And her just chillin in her stroller on a sunny walk! Note her adorable little baby shades!







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