Our Little Foodie

Nealia has been quite the little foodie lately! We’ve been having a great success with doing a hybrid between baby led weaning and purees. She has finally the last week or so allowed me to directly feed her from the spoon although she usually grabs it to do it herself! I’ve made all these awesome puree combos for her with fruits and veggies and she has taken a liking to them again! I just throw the steamed veggies (we steam them in our rice cooker) or chopped fruit in a blender or food processor and blend it up and put them in little baby food storage containers we bought at target! It’s really simple actually and kind of fun! When we are on the go we used the little organic pouches. We like the Ella’s kitchen brand and Earths best, but I usually buy whatever organic brand is on sale. We also out organic Yobaby yogurt in her silisqeeze silicone reusable pouch or let her spoon feed herself! She loves yogurt and we just started introducing proteins as well. She loves fish, salmon, tilapia or cod. I’ve let her taste beef and chicken as well but we are slowly showing her all these foods.

It’s nice to cook dinner and let her sample what we are eating. I usually chop things into sticks or bite size pieces for her to pick up and put in her mouth. Baby led weaning can be scary because of the choking element, but we haven’t had issues yet and as long as you watch and observe she does great!

She loves sticks of veggies like celery or carrots as well, but I think that it also feels good on her gums!

We are still breastfeeding (we give her pumped milk while I’m at work). We are almost exclusively doing this, but she loves water in her sippy cup so we give her that and since we are on vacation in Wisconsin and I don’t have much milk pumped here, I tried her with half formula again. The last brand we got Earths best organic she didn’t seem to like so I did some research and asked around for the best organic and best tasting formula for picky babies and found great feedback with Simlac advance organic. I guess it has the closet to breast milk taste. Anyways, she took it really well which is such a relief. I get stressed out when I don’t have enough extra milk and need to leave her with daddy or Gigi or a sitter! And then the stressing out about it causes me to pump less! I hate pumping and I just can’t pump enough milk as I can with directly breastfeeding, it’s a pain in the butt. I really love breastfeeding because it’s nice bonding time with my girl and because it’s also so convenient and easy!

Overall, this whole food introduction process has been fun and pretty successful so far. I feel like if I don’t plan things out too much or try to control every little thing she eats and try to track it, it’s much more fun and easy. Very much like everything we have done with Nealia so far! The less I try to control things, the better it seems to go and the less stress it causes everyone. We just really go with the flow and let Nealia tell us when she needs things. Every day is so different and just like us grown ups, we need change and don’t need a strict routine-we are talking about babies here. I’m so sick of reading these crazy articles about sleep training and getting your baby on a strict schedule. I mean who really eats, sleeps and poops at the same exact time each day? I feel like it’s been taken to a whole new level these days. We just observe, listen for cues and let Nealia find her rhythm. Some weeks it’ll be pretty exact and others it changes a bit. As new parents it’s great to find a good groove and figure things out that work best for our life and not be strapped down by strict schedules and trying to control it all. Babies are humans and they need different things each day. I’m just glad our routine is a flexible one, it’s made the transition into parenthood much easier and natural. I feel like trusting my maternal instincts is the best way to go for me.








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