Homemade Ghee and Baby Led Weaning

I’m making my own Ghee…wheeeee! I’m very excited to do this, thanks to a friend who has given me the recipe and inspired me to make it. I first learned about Ghee last year at an Ayurvedic cooking class I took through Aveda! It was awesome and Ghee sounded amazing. Ghee is used in most Indian and Asian cooking and is a form of purified butter and has many benefits! Here is the link to the recipe and I will do a post on how it turned out! Wish me luck:)


And with that we are really focusing on baby led weaning in this new year. Nealia is almost 7 months old (insane!) and I really want to intro healthy new foods into her diet. It’s been a slow process and I like it that way, but I’m ready to try some new things! I included a few different links to some food charts and recipes for starting out! Ill keep updates going on her food progress and likes and dislikes and what’s been working for us! Now that the holidays are gone and we are back to eating wholesome and healthy for the most part;) and I’m excited to share these foods with our little bug!




Happy Eating!!



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