New Years Eve!

I feel grateful to have a 5 day weekend for the New Years holiday! I had 5 days for Xmas and had to work 2 days and now have another 5 to spend with my little bug! We’ve already had a great morning, making smoothies and trying out our New mei tai carrier that was on clearance at Target for $15! We already have about 5 different carriers but I couldn’t pass it up! I’m a little baby carrier obsessed! Plus, I’ve heard a lot about these mei tai ones and wanted to give it a whirl! We love it! It’s nice to have different options for different occasions, plus this one packs up smaller for traveling then the Ergo carrier. The Ergo is great for hikes and long walks or for dad. I Still love my Moby, Boba and the ring sling though!
Depends on my mood I guess. It’s my favorite baby accessory!

And all we’ve done all day is sleep in! I love snuggling up in the morning! Nealia often wakes up between 6-8 and we bring her in our bed, so I can feed her and sleep in-well mostly on the weekends! (And sleeping in these days is no later than 9am haha).

Once we were up we ate breakfast together and made smoothies and danced around to good music. Then we played and just hung out! Now it’s nap time and I need to get off the blogging to do some cleaning up!

Goal this week and weekend: get all our art hung up in the nursery and our bedroom and work on Nealia’s play area. I ordered some more adorable art from Laura Berger on etsy! I love her stuff and Yellena James! (see links below of some examples). It’s been fun collecting art for my little bug! I Hope she appreciates it when she’s older! I need to get back in the studio and get painting again as well! Would love to have a few special paintings made by her mama to give her one day!









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