Holidays in the Mountains

The day after Christmas we all ventured up to the mountains for a few days! My parents rented us a condo in Keystone and offered to babysit while we hit the slopes! We had such a fun day and met my folks and Nealia for lunch. She was all bundled up and in her new sled from her Great Aunt, who we call Nini. She was adorable and just loved it! We had such a great time spending time with family and just relaxing in the beautiful mountains! I feel truly blessed for the life we’ve built and worked hard for and an amazing supportive and giving family! Life is extra grand these days!

And Nealia decided she really wants to start pulling herself up on things and is a crawling maniac! We love it, but boy you have to watch her like a hawk! She also finds the tiniest of things on the floors to put in her mouth! The things look almost invisible until she spots them out…the girl has some serious attention to detail!

Brandon and I also got a date night out and went to see his friend Dan at at the Goat, soup and whiskey bar–our favorite! We had a fun time and were home by midnight and were exhausted haha!

Here are some pics from the mountains!














And these are a little photo shoot that my mom did in the snowy winter wonderland! They turned out beautiful and we are sporting our new coats from my mom, who got them at Target! I love that place! Nealia loved the snow!









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