Baby Led Weaning…we’ll sort of.

We have been experimenting with Nealia and eating. She boycotted for a couple weeks, but has taken an interest again. I have been doing a combo of baby led weaning and purees and Nealia seems to enjoy both wAys however she has to do the feeding herself, no more airplane spoonfuls to her mouth, unless you sneak it in. She seems to want to do it by herself, so I usually mush up bananas or avocados and let her play around with it. Some of it eventually ends up in her mouth but it’s a messy process for sure. The way she likes to eat the best is to feed herself from a food pouch. Our friend Brooke watched Nealia a few weeks ago and realized she wanted to grab it and feed herself, so we’ve been just going with it. She also borrowed us a refillable silicone one which is awesome! I even ordered a smaller one. The brand is “Sili Squeeze”.

So, for now we are slowly introducing foods to her and will just go with the flow. In the next few months she can start trying more proteins and some dairy, like yogurt and some cheeses. It’ll be great when I can feed her what we have for dinner! We don’t eat too much diary, which is my biggest worry about feeding her, so hopefully she will like most foods and not be picky like her daddy!






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