A Very Merry First Christmas

It was Nealia’s first Christmas and we had so much fun with it! My family came into town and we woke up and did “Santa” with Nealia in the morning! She loved all the paper and bows and new toys! She received some really cool things from family and friends and of course Santa;)

My favorite present of hers is her brand new Britax convertible carseat from my Mom! She hasn’t quite outgrown the infant seat, but she def is ready for a bigger and cozier seat! We love it and it’s so cute and comfy for her! This seat will last her through all her car seat days and evolve into a booster seat as well which is cool! It’ll be nice to have a back up car seat as well and of course will use the infant seat for baby #2 (our last baby) 🙂


She had so much playing with her new toys, most of them wooden which I’m pretty kean on, but of course some were plastic which we don’t mind either, we just didn’t want ALL light up plastic toys, but some of them that she did get we’re pretty awesome and she just loves them! Brandon’s parents got her this cool activity table that you can do Spanish or English and it teaches colors, numbers and letters. She loves pulling herself up on it and playing with it! It’s pretty cute! And my mom got her this cool busy bead activity center that she loves too! I’m excited to finally put her play area together downstairs and decorate a bit in her space! I found some cool pics on etsy that Id like to get framed.

Anyways, it was a beautiful white Christmas and it snowed all day and we built a fire! We had an amazing dinner of prime rib, crab stuffed salmon, German potato salad that Bra don made from his Grandmas recipe–they turned out awesome!!

Overall, it was a perfect first Christmas that we got to spend with family!! So much joy, gratitude and love. I’m truly thankful for all the people in our life!

Here are a few of my fav pics from the day!






















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