6 Months Old and We all Survived 1/2 a year!

Ms. Nealia had her 6 month “birthday” on December 9th! It was actually her official “school” 1/2 birthday. For Those of you who are summer babies we can all remember are 1/2 birthday in our school years. It was our chance to celebrate with our classmates, bring in our birthday treat and just feel special for the day.

Anyways, onto Nealia’s 6 month update. We are a bit late with this post because we had to postpone her 6 month check up, we had missed her appointment, I had it wrong in my calendar, so we had a delay to get in with our doctor and then our next appt I couldn’t make because of a work conflict, so here we are half way through the month and she is without her 6 month check up…end of the world? I think we’re fine. We are scheduled for Jan 2nd…when I’m off and which will be almost 7 months, but our doc said it honestly doesn’t matter as long as there is at least 6-8 weeks between immunizations. So here’s some of her achievements the past couple months:

Nealia’s latest and greatest new talents:
-she is sitting up, sitting sideways, doing planks and funny yoga poses…she has mastered downward dog haha. This little lady wants to be on the move and continues to practice her crawling skills. She gets around by army crawling and bouncing on her knees and pushing forward…quite entertaining to watch! She is so close to getting the actual crawling movements down…it’ll happen when she is ready!

-she is pulling herself up from a sitting position…the crib the changing table, our beanbag sack. She acts so cool when she accomplishes this and cracks up!

-she continues to sleep really well…on average about 7-9 hours straight with the occasional not so great nights where she’ll wake up every 4-6 hours (still no complaints here, she was not so great of a sleeper the first couple months, so we will take anything).

-still talking up a storm and now can say “dadadada” so it’s even though she has no idea she’s saying daddy:)
-she just cracks up for no reason sometimes, it’s quite hilarious and we have so much fun getting her to belly laugh!
-she was really into food for awhile and now the last few days she hates it? She smacks the spoon away and refuses to open her mouth, she only wants to nurse and will take the bottle as a last resort…I’m assuming this is a phase of course, she will eat solids when she is ready and willing. She does eat from squeeze pitches that we fill with puréed bananas, applesauce or sweet potatoes but she just isn’t very consistent with it. She is one independent little girl-holding her trainer silly cup and trying to feed herself. I’m pretty sure she is hardcore teething-no teeth yet, but she has been drooling tons more than usual and chews on stuff galore-more than usual. And this girl does love water and drinking it from her sippy training cup so I’ve been substituting it with some coconut water mixed with water for more nutrition and vitamins! She loves it!


I’m sure there are tons of things I’m missing because this little lady is learning and growing so quickly. Everyday she does something new!

Enjoy the pics!






















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