My pump hates me, err I hate it!

Lately I’ve been so angry at my pump!! I know there’s tons of milk in each breast because Nealia can drink for days from them and I hear milk coming out and hear her gulping sometimes! But, my stupid pump just isn’t doing its job lately. Of course I thought it was the pump. I have a medela double breast electric courtesy of my insurance and its a good one! So I tried my hand pump-barely anything:/ mb 2 ounces per side when I used to get over 4 ounces. So, I started to do research and I found tons of stories and articles about women who just don’t get a lot of milk out of their pumps and struggle with pumping. Or go through dry spells where their pump just can’t get milk out. Of course this had to be me, right? I envy those stock piled freezers of mamas who only pump. It’s really stressful to not have much back up milk! I found this great website for working, pumping moms and wanted to share it. It gave a bunch of great tips about pumping and what to try when you’re not getting as much milk as you want and it really made me feel much better. The worst thing you can dois stress out about pumping which of course I do! I think i psych myself out!
Here is the link to the website:

Since practicing a few of the tips, I’m much more relaxed about pumping and have been able to pump a bit more and stockpile a small amount…and I mean small like 2, 5oz bags! At one point many months ago I had over 15-20 bags full:( stupid going back to work–had to ruin it for me!

Anyways, hopefully things keep getting better with pumping, I’m almost at my half way goal mark of breastfeeding for a year. It’s a tough job, but I really enjoy it most of the time and I know it’s the healthiest for Nealia, so that’s what really keeps me motivated!


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