5 months old! Our little lady is so grown up!

Nealia turned 5 months old today! We can’t believe how grown up she is already haha!

She has become such a sweet little girl and is such a content little baby! We can take her pretty much anywhere and know that she will behave for the most part;) she can be a feisty one sometimes and learned how to take toys and throw them and swat her paci out of her mouth or our hand if we try to give it to her and she doesn’t want it. She is a great independent player and enjoys her time with her activity mat and toys that we have for her. She really knows how to entertain herself which is great! She’s become quite the little traveler and loves people too! Her face lights ups when people approach her and she gets the cutest smile from the excitement of someone new! She is especially in awe of toddlers! Andrea our nanny has a 2 year old named Olivia and Nealia just loves her. She watches every move she makes and always does this when toddlers are around!

Nealia has become a master at rolling over from both front and backside and uses her tricks to get toys that she wants. For the past few weeks she’s been turning her whole body sideways and scooting forward and backward-this girl is ready to get moving! She try’s to sit up from a laying down position and can get pretty far upward! It looks like she’s doing a killer ab workout haha! With a little help she’ll sit all by herself and hold herself up for a good amount of time all by herself, but she’ll get too excited and flay backwards or sideways. We play around with this on the bed so she can just tumble over, she usually gets a kick out of it!
We often find her sideways and on her tummy in the morning in her crib. She clearly likes this sleeping position.


Her sleeping habits have vastly improved and she has been sleeping a good 5-7 hour stretch before waking up to eat. She usually falls right back to sleep after her feeding for another 3-5 after! Her napping has always been pretty good and she usually takes a good 1-2 hour one around noon and then multiple cat naps throughout the day, she loves napping in her swing, but will take a snooze in her crib as well! We are not fans of the cry it out method, but do let her fuss for a bit, but no more than 5 minutes and then go in and give her a paci and pat her butt. Sometimes I pick her up to rock her back to sleep if she seems to not want the paci and she has been receptive to this sleep training technique! I couldn’t bear to hear her cry for more than 5 minutes! My stress levels would fly off the charts–it’s just that motherly instinct that you can’t help! Brandon even agrees with me on this crying method, so that makes things easier! She even has her own pandora station and dad made her a special mix on spotify. Our fav stations are Mumford and sons, the lumineers, Bon iver and phish. Some nights we rock out and she just loves it!

Nealia is still chatting away every day and loves making weird noises with her tongue and lips! she has been a talker for awhile now and I don’t think that’s going to go away seeing that her mom and dad are quite social.

She’s been getting better about eating the oatmeal, however she always prefers to breastfeed, but we always have fun putting her in her little high chair to play and hang out when we eat dinner. We want to make her part of our meal too, so she gets used to eating dinner as a family. (Not that we have time to do this every night, but we try as much as we can). She has a sippy training cup that has a flexible nipple on it similar to a bottle. She grabs it with both hands and puts it up to her mouth and sometimes can too it back, but she mostly plays around with it!

It’s been an amazing 5 months and can’t believe we’re almost to the half year mark! Our lives are so much brighter and fuller with this little girl in our lives. And can’t imagine it any other way!

We feel all settled in our new home although we still have some projects to work on! Next year will be the kitchen remodel, which I’m super excited to do! This house has turned out to be prefect for us for right now! It’s def a great investment and we hope to see a good return on it after we do some work to it and the market is just insane here in Colorado. Property value is off the charts and we are hoping to see it keep going up! However, you don’t set much for your money out here although we love our little house!

Here are our leading ladies 5 month pics-she’s such a cutie patootie!
A Little pudding pie!












A good one of her and her buddy Dominic-stealing toys from each other! They for some reason are both in love with this silly little red toy for the activity mat!


And a few cute ones from our visit with the Grammys that I forgot to post! Notice her adorable REAL Uggs that gma got for her, she couldn’t keep her hands and eyes off of them!





And the adorable outfit that daddy bought and picked out all by himself!



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