It’s Fall and Halloween and I’m Finally a Chef Again!

We had a fun weekend hanging out with friends and finally enjoying this fall weather! Colorado has been way too hot lately for fall. I want that chilly and cooler sweater type weather so we can start a fire inside or out in the fire pit! The last couple days it finally cooled down in the evening. It’s been so amazing and beautiful out here in Morrison! It’s crazy how quiet it gets and it’s truly peaceful and the sunsets and views are incredible! I feel blessed every day for our new home and love living out of the city!

Anyways, tonight I became a chef again and whipped up something new, pretty much without a recipe, but I was inspired by a dish we had down in Florida-however that dish was made with red fish and I used mahi mahi.

It’s called “creole creamed corn fish” with a side of yellow rice and black beans.

(Note: I don’t measure things)

-any fish-next time I want to try it with salmon or trout (my favorite)
-frozen corn or corn scraped off the Cobb
-1-2 bell peppers-chopped
-1-2 andoulie sausage-chopped
-2-3 strips of bacon-cooked well done and crumbled
-1.5 cups whipping cream
-2 tablespoons butter
-slap yo mama cajun seasoning
-salt, pepper and garlic to taste

-black beans and saffron yellow rice mixed together on the side

-pretty much sauté all the ingredients in oil (except fish-bake that accordingly or fry it)
-add butter and heavy cream and a little flour to thicken and voile you got a pretty awesome sauce for the fish!

It turned out great and it’s always fun trying something new.

The picture sucks because there was a shadow and I was too hungry to mess around with more pics haha!



And here are some fun pics from our eventful weekend! I can’t get over how big and adorable or little girl is! She is so tall and is wearing 6-9 month clothes and pjs! It’s crazy! Some of her 6 month pants are too short! She cracks me up everyday and is such a happy, smily and laughing babe!





Note the adorable infinity scarf from etsy!

And here are some from Brandon’s 30th bday celebration/Auburn game/pumpkin carving! So much fun! I did a pumpkin I found on Pinterest and used a drill for the smaller holes. The larger ones I carved by hand and it took forever, but it was well worth it!









Beautiful handmade pillow covers given from our friends mom that was visiting!






War Eagle!!


And some cute ones in this adorable outfit from my mom that she bought before Nealia was born! I’ve been dying to put her in it!





And I had to share a pic of these awesome earrings that one of my friends, who happens to own one of my Aveda salons gave me! They are so cool and I always feel spoiled from her! They are a local artist who’s company is called “Bohemia” I’m pretty sure she has an etsy site!



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