Solids it is!

After Nealia’s 4 month check up we were given the go ahead to give her rice cereal or baby oats. Now, before I got the green light I did sneak some organic brown rice cereal into her night time bottles a few times to help fill her up and help with her reflux.

This however was her first time actually eating baby oatmeal and it was so much fun! She did really good and I think she liked it at first, but then was sick of it and wanted the organic free range milk from the boob! We are going to attempt it every night, just a little bit to get her used to the texture and then slowly over the next few months introduce some fruits and avocado. I really like the idea of baby led weaning and think A combo of that and purées will be a good compromise!

Here are some adorable pics from her first culinary adventure!

(Note: I tried this stuff and it tastes like cardboard!)





And this is the Happy Bellies brand that we are using, I read great reviews on it and one of my friends uses it and had success with both babies on it! And at the bottom a few pics from this past weekend! She sure loves her daddy!







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