Ok I’m All About Natural, but C’mon Now!

I just read an article (see link below) about preserving your placenta and not cutting it from the umbilical cord until it falls off naturally! Now, I would have loved to have had my placenta encapsulated, I strongly believe that it can have amazing and Positive effects on your body post-birth and it’s so healthy for the baby if you’re breastfeeding, but unfortunately I had a uterus infection that caused some complications during my delivery and the placenta was infected:(
I was devastated, but my doula was awesome and supplemented me with a blend of herbs that help do a similar thing!

Anyways, eating a dried encapsulated placenta just doesn’t gross me out like carrying your placenta around in a bowl until it detaches–this was a bit too much for me and usually things like this don’t gross me out!

Read it for yourself, this was just my opinion but I thought I would share because I found it interesting!


On another note, our little Nealy isn’t feeling good today. I’m not sure if it’s from her shots yesterday or if maybe that stinking cold that we had caught up to her. She has had a fever all day and we’ve been giving her baby Tylenol to help her feel better, but she breaks my heart when her big blue eyes well up with tears as she cries. Mommy snuggles are a necessity today and I have to miss my Aveda Breast Cancer Fashion Show tonight! Such a bummer, but she only wants her mama today!


And on a happy note, the movers came this morning and we are almost all into our new home!! We are so excited and once I get everything organized and decorated (I have so any fun ideas and cool projects that I can’t wait to share) I’ll post some pics and share all my projects!


Our view driving onto our street!


View of the foothills from our deck!


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