4 Months of Motherhood

Wow! Can’t believe I’ve been a mom for 4 months! It’s insane how big she has gotten and how she’s become this little person with such a personality!

The other day I was reflecting back on my pregnancy and on her birth and I just can’t get over how tiny she was and also the fact that this tiny little human once lived inside of me! The first couple weeks after she was born I missed my little buddy in my belly…it was truly a weird feeling although she was now out in the world and living her life with us!

Sigh, Anyway, enough nostalgia haha and onto Nealia’s 4 month stats!
She had her check up today and 2nd round of shots. She was such a trooper and criesd for about 1 minute, nursed and was happy and totally relaxed and calm for once! She usually is so hyper!

She clocked in at 15 lbs even, 75th percentile and her height was 25.5 inches and 90th percentile. She is down the tall girl path for sure, something I’ve never experienced.

Overall, she is a happy healthy little babe that is growing and learning at a good rate! Last weekend while painting at the new house I got a cold/allergies and was miserable. The next day Brandon had the same symptoms.
I totally thought Nealia was going to catch it but she didn’t get sick which was a huge surprise. I’m hoping it doesn’t catch up to her but for now she is good to go!

Her newest things are mostly curiosity! She loves to explore and really engage herself into her toys and books and random things she sees. It’s so fun to watch. She’s also been making all sorts of new funny sounds, lots of mmm’s!

She also copies me sometimes if I make noises with my lips and she repeats what I do after I say “your turn”! It’s so adorable! She’s been laughing for quite some time now, but I can often get her cracking up and it then it has me cracking up! Dad hasn’t quite gotten her to laugh like I do, which I think hurts his ego as him always being the funny one haha!

Nealia has rolled over from both back and tummy but does it only when she wants to…it’s not frequent and mostly only to get to a toy or to change up her scenery. I’m always waiting patiently for her to do it and then when I’m not paying attention she’s rolled over to her other side!

Her sleeping has gotten much more regular lately too and she’s been decent with napping and loves dozing off in her swing! The last couple weeks at night she goes up around 8:30 or 9 and we do her whole routine and we take turns feeding her which is nice and she’ll sleep in her crib for 3-4 hours and then nurse for about 15 minutes and sleep again for a good 3-4 hours usually in her crib for the 2nd round and then in the morning I bring her in to snuggle with me! I love the days when we get to sleep in!

Overall, time has flown and it’s been amazing to watch her grow!









We started running again with the jogging stroller it felt good to get back out. I haven’t had as much time and the weather has been pretty rainy, so we enjoyed the perfect fall day on a little jog. Nealia loves to go fast and gets so excited when I pick up speed. We always stop at the park for a little swing before heading home too!




And just a few of her sitting up so good and hanging out with me on the couch being silly!





And okay last ones, her and her buddy Dominic hanging out while I’m at work! We love our nanny, Ms. Andrea and her kids Olivia and Dominic, Nealy gets so excited when they come over in the morning!






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