Dinner to be Served, Well Hopefully Soon

We have been so crazy busy, painting, packing, moving, getting ready for a trip down south and I haven’t had time to even cook a simple meal. I miss cooking!! We really don’t feel like making dirty dishes while packing up a kitchen, BUT I am dying to try this recipe out! Of course I’ll be adding and taking things away because that’s what I do with recipes, I always change them!

This one looks amazing and healthy and the picky husband will eat this minus the avocado on his of course! And I also need to cut the dairy out because of mine and Nealia’s sensitivity to it-which is so tough and hard because I’m a Wisco girl who loves her some cheese!

Anyways, I’ll be substituting the Mexican cheese with crumbled goat cheese (no lactose issues with goat cheese) and instead of sour cream I will be getting the “Tofutti” (vegan) sour cream and will make a sauce of that, canned diced green chiles and a bit of chicken stock! This I will pour over the top of the enchiladas and then will sprinkle the goat cheese over it all and then bake!

SIDE NOTE: Easy homemade chicken stock recipe courtesy of the other chef in our house -Brandon to come in a separate post, which is so easy to make if you have rotisserie leftovers).

So enjoy the recipe, I know I can’t wait to make this once we are in our new house and things have settled!





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