A Great Read and Realization

As a new mom, who in the past felt like I could conquer all and squeeze and juggle a billion things into my schedule and make amazing dinners every night and have time to make art and do cool crafts etc etc. I’ve found that the things I enjoyed doing in the past I don’t have the time or energy for. I love homemade things especially when it comes to food or decorations in my house. I just realized that I can’t do everything that I used to do before, at least not yet.

Most of my focus is now on being a mom and taking care of my Nealia and our happy little family! We are in the midst of moving into our beautiful little new house in the foothills in Morrison and we are insanely busy! Nothing is organized and I’ve been out of town and working like a crazy person for my job to catch up from maternity leave! And of course we plan a trip to Florida right in the midst of it all, but that is how we roll-some things can’t change!

Anyways, Everyday does get a little easier, but I always have a twinge of guilt for not always using cloth diapers, for letting someone else give Nealia a bottle sometimes supplemented with a little formula because I haven’t had time to build up a stock pile of breastmilk, for not making home cooked healthy meals every night, not working out like I used to or buying things off of etsy that I could easily make myself. Also, I sometimes have to put her in a swing or in a jumper activity thing to get the little basic things done and I feel so incredibly guilty! Not necessarily for letting her play on her own-which I think is good for her anyways, but that it’s made of plastic and lights up. She loves it though and I can’t deny that and have to get over it. I am one of those moms who God forbid bought her child something plastic and cheesy and oh my god what would the perfect all natural stay at home mommies play group say about it. Honestly I’ve reached a point of not caring! I breastfeed and wear my baby and sometimes use cloth diapers and if I don’t, I use natural ones, I co-sleep to bond with Nealia and in a nutshell attachment parent. What more do you crazy unrealistic people want haha!

This article I listed below made me realize I’m not the only one who feels this way and that I’m not superhuman! Things figure themselves out and priorities change and rearrange! I’m a working mom, who really works hard for a good living to provide for her family and I can’t have these high expectations for myself!

This is a great read, especially for new moms out there or really anyone trying to “Do It All”.





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